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Watches "Dufonte-Seiko-Made in Japan" (3) - 10J#

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Watches "Dufonte-Seiko-Made in Japan"

Not working but nice....Painted picture round watch: 

                                      gold in color made to hang on chain or fob..

                                      face is in good condition..

                                      picture in good condition--missing glass to cover face (lens).. 

                                     1" round

Marked: front-Dufonte 17 jewels in cubloc--Swiss made..

Marked: front-Seiko Quartz..base metal st. steel back..

            #2E20-6469..RO w/square surrounding #..#ON1125

            closure on band--Seiko st. steel Japan m

            nice condition! But not working..

Gold Watch:

             8 1/2" in length..crystal is shape to point..

             watch not working..clasp working.overall appearance good

Marked: front--Northwestern Light..Quartz..Japan movement..back base metal..Bez stainless steel back..Qes 4E Q.C. passed..Latch-stainless steel China