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Pen & Automatic Pencil Collection - 482J#

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Pen & Automatic Pencil Collection

Good Condition!

Green Pen--Atlantic Oil Production

Maroon Pen--scratch goes around pen about 1/2" above the nub

                      Twist to open & shut

Black Skinny Pen -- Pal U.S.Government Pen..

                     twist to open has fat metal part that comes out too write with 

                    & looks like marker or crayon???

Black --Push to open--is a little worn

Yellow-- Papermate Sharpwriter #2 USA --good shape..has lead--erasure not used

                     Automatic pencil

Red & Chrome Pencil --Autopoint Pat.and Pat. Pending--Made in USA--

                    Axelson Manufacturing Company--

                    Division of U.S.Industries,Inc.

Maroon-- Automatic Pencil Pen --Sanford LOGO 0.7mm Japan

                     trim of gold color around top cap & down by nub